Teach for Romania recruits and selects the most valuable young Romanians, trains them as inspirational teachers and supports them to become leaders in Romanian education.

The most valuable young people

The ideal teacher for our program is a young person with a strong motivation to contribute to the development of those around him or her, and with a desire to become an inspirational teacher and a long term change agent in Romanian education.


Inspirational teachers

Through their performance and attitude in the classroom, Teach for Romania teachers will become inspirational guides capable of creating an open relationship with their students based on trust, respect and communication. These elements will contribute to their students’ involvement in learning (decrease in school drop-out rate) and to improvement in school performance (academic results).


Leaders in education

All Teach for Romania teachers will represent (after the two years of teaching) an undeniably valuable source, both for the educational system as well as for society in general. Program alumni working towards the achievement of quality education for all children in Romania will be supported by the international Teach for All network as well as by Teach for Romania. Alumni can continue their careers in education or they can enter fields connected to education (entrepreneurs in education, school administration, business, media, etc.) Regardless of their choice, they will be supported to become leaders in their fields and to promote the vision of Teach for Romania throughout their careers. Together, Teach for Romania’s alumni network will continue to actively support the reform of the Romanian education system.

The program, initially developed in 1990 by Teach for America in the United States, attracts top graduates who would not have normally considered the teaching profession among their career options. The model functions successfully in 33 other countries over 5 continents, where it is administered by the partner organizations in the Teach for All network.