Anamaria Sabou

Operations Coodinator
Significant moments

Ana’s life was profoundly marked by her volunteering experience within ART Fusion, where she had the opportunity to work with social intervention tools, such as the Forum Theater. “I was an actor of the Forum Theater, which addressed topics such as racial discrimination, school violence, domestic violence. In addition to this experience, I believe I learned a lot from those people who showed true passion for their activity. Teachings are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and truly see.”

Personal values

The values that guide Ana’s daily life are equity, balance, integrity and honesty.


Ana enjoys helping people around her and is always trying to say something nice to them. Besides, her super-powers consist of the calm she is trying to preserve, even during crisis situations. “I am trying to fully understand what is going on and to carefully weigh all decisions I make”.

Recent lessons

“I learnt that things do not just happen, that we need to take the initiative, and that the fear of being mistaken is only holding back our professional and personal development. It is important to learn from both mistakes and professional and personal success”.

anamaria sabou