Georgiana Stoia

Tutor Coordinator
Significant Moments

“During my faculty years, there was an example of a different university professor who gave himself to his students, firmly and authentically. Liviu Ianosi managed to build significant professional development skills in his students, alongside the personal ones.

In 2010, I met a person who proved me that things can be done properly in Romania, that they can be readjusted and that corruption can be eradicated. Nicole Rata was the one who convinced me to build my path in NGOs and the internship that I had done at Partners Foundation for Local Development gave me the power to work even more for the kind of change that I wish for Romania.

During 2010-2016 I had the luck to breathe in non-formal education. The Non-Formal Education Laboratory opened my mind, heart and way to another world, giving me a fantastic learning mindset. 

Personal Values

Georgiana’s entire activity is based on some central values: contribution, lifelong learning, integrity, authenticity, equity.


Working with youngsters, having a continuous orientation towards change and significant contribution in transforming the educational system in Romania kept motivating Georgiana to develop her necessary superpowers in pursuing her dreams: empathy, orientation towards solution and easily adaptability to new contexts.

Recent Lessons

Sometimes, lessons reach us in strange contexts and unexpected characters. In this sense, a 3-year old girl said to Georgiana once: “Eaaat slooowly!”. Children’s wisdom is absolutely delicious!