Grațiela Dumitrescu

Office Manager
Significant moments

Grațiela’s story begins in high school, when her geography and history teachers showed her own potential as a person and instilled confidence in her own forces. Later on, during college, her years were filled with AIESEC experiences, which enabled her with the opportunity to personally develop through numerous projects and responsibilities she took – from communication, coaching and support to project and team management.

Personal values

Grațiela’s life gravitates around integrity, respect, friendship, love and care, her personal philosophy matching perfectly with the vision of Teach for Romania.


Her super-powers show us the complexity of her personality: she reads and writes with an extraordinary passion, but her creative side is not the only dominating feature. Finding solutions to different problems (even to the most difficult ones) and developing durable relationships, based on honesty and collaboration are also some representative touches on her super-hero cape.

Recent lessons

“I’ve recently learned how to ride a bike – I felt like I could move mountains when I realized I could pedal and keep my balance. Now I am learning to play tennis.” Therefore, it’s never too late to learn new things, and Grațiela successfully demonstrates the validity of this belief.