Iulian Mart

Project Manager
Significant Moments

At a certain point, someone said that we represent the amount off all our life experiences. Iulian embraces this philosophy as well, and he considers himself as being “a result of people surrounding him. Even if I have frequently preferred idealistic persons, active people, positive ones, I have also learned a lot from the “unfaithful” ones or from those who gave up too soon. For me, hard lessons in life represent the best source of learning.

Personal Values

Iulian’s personal values are in strong connection with the modern world’s most pressing principles. Therefore, “love / unconditionally acceptance can heal the world. We need idealistic people, active persons, positive ones, enthusiastic, honest and genuine dreamers.” All this can be achieved through quality education, which is considered by Iulian as being the “best way to change the world.”


While living in the paradigm of love and with the desire to significantly contribute to a positive change, Iulian uses his daily superpowers, that he built in time, with hard-work and dedication: enthusiasm, optimism, boldness, leadership skills, capacity to work with people and the courage to provoke change.

Recent Lessons

A positive change could not be possible in the absence of attributes such as those invoked above – love, acceptance, enthusiasm and courage. Iulian also recently discovered the “impact and the force of diplomacy in the well being of a relationship”. Therefore, we add one more ingredient to the recipe of a better future.

iulian mart