Mălina Chirea

Significant Moments

Mălina cannot necessarily place a certain moment or a certain person as being “the most significant”. She knows that any growth is a sinuous and long process and that becoming does not happen overnight. This is why she is grateful for all those difficult moments that she had to face: “the challenges I encountered in life are the best teachers I have had. Therefore, I have learned to love challenges.”

Personal Values

“Oneness is the best fitting word. I don’t know how to put it in Romanian. Afterwards, it is all about kindness, generosity, love, gratitude, and above all, happiness.”


Regarding Mălina, the values stated before are wrapped in a beautiful, hard-working human being, her super-powers being perseverance, diligence, dedication and optimism.

Recent Lessons

The most important lesson that Mălina has learned lately is the fact that “when we open our hearts, we are fascinating”. Indeed, nothing can be compared to the privilege of reading into somebody else’s soul.