Sînziana Spistyak


Significant Moments

“My family had a defining role in my life. They were the first and the most important exemple of living through values. Generosity, empathy, creativity, determination and hard work for achieving a common good. Harsh times were perceived as further steps.

My defining curiosity brought me in many learning contexts. I wanted to study in Great Britain so I worked really hard to get there. Then, the Faculty of Geography came together nicely with voluntary involvement, and my 4-year activity within diverse NGOs offered me a colorful world in areas such as environment protection, youth work and education. By then, the concept of time received another understanding, as an unbiased resource. By far, the most challenging and beautiful years were those that I spent as a Teach for Romania teacher, in Calarasi, years that kept spreading my views and bringing them together in detail towards the growth needs, both my own and of the educational system”.

Personal Values

All these experiences imprinted Sînziana with certain values that guide her own life, personally and professionally: care, equilibriumm, integrity, lifelong learning.


In order to reach her own end of the transformational journey, Sînziana uses on a daily basis her superpowers – the skills that she gained in time: empathy, planning, passion, creativity, joy.

Recent Lessons

Traditional dances are surely not an easy, accessible shape of rhythm’s art, yet Sînziana is proud to have been accessing the secrets of a traditional dance from Oltenia.