How we train you

Teach for Romania has developed an effective and ambitious training program that consists of five phases:

Leadership Summer Academy

Leadership Summer Academy

Together with its carefully selected partners, Teach for Romania offers a residential training and pedagogy program during the summer before candidates enter the classroom.

The Leadership Summer Academy has three main components:

Pedagogic Theory and Teaching Methods

The first component covers the instruments and techniques necessary for effective and efficient teaching. Participants develop attitudes and competences that allow them to develop their classroom community and the feeling of belonging to a team.

Developing Practical Skills

The second component helps participants develop key skills such as communication abilities, public speaking, backwards planning and teamwork. Participants learn how to be effective in crisis classroom situations, with other teachers and in interactions with parents and the community. They master the use of diverse learning techniques (e.g. games, improvisation, etc.) with the objective of generating remarkable learning gains.

Practical teaching / Classroom experience

The third component consists of a four-week teaching module and a first practical experience with children from disadvantaged communities. In the module, participants put their recently acquired skills into practice, receiving direct and relevant feedback from colleagues and experienced teachers.

Continuous and tailored learning

During their two years with Teach for Romania, teachers continue to develop the skills, methods and knowledge necessary to maximize their performance in the classroom. Teachers participate in periodic training sessions focused on their specific development needs and have the opportunity to exchange best practices with other teachers.


Teach for Romania tutors observe and support teachers in developing their strengths and in working on areas of improvement. Tutors provide constant support, suggest directions for further study, help with specific teaching instruments, assist with classroom planning and monitor student outcomes. They also perform periodic classroom observations and help teachers confront any challenges faced inside or outside the classroom during their two years with Teach for Romania.

Professional support

Teach for Romania offers its teachers and alumni access to professional development services to accelerate their career advancement, regardless of whether they continue to work as teachers or in a related field.

Those who wish to continue teaching receive assistance in passing the necessary exams and in obtaining the required certifications.


Personal coach

As part of Teach for Romania, teachers have access to a coach selected from among recognized leaders in business who provide support during key moments throughout the two years. Teachers have one or more ‘corporate’ mentors who help them develop a career vision and objectives for professional development.

Teach for Romania teachers that are interested and qualified are eligible to participate in summer internships with our corporate partners or with other well-known companies.