Why be a teacher?

A teacher is a trustworthy educator. An inspirational guide. A mentor. A model. A leader.

Because YOU can be a LEADER. BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in EDUCATION!


We strongly believe that the evolution of a society relies on the quality of its education.

A teacher is among society’s most powerful influencers. Teacher quality, talent and desire to have classroom impact significantly contribute to the development of future generations.

Teach for Romania aims to generate a positive impact in Romania’s education system by attracting young people with excellent results and high potential to the teaching profession.
After completing the recruitment and selection process, selected candidates are trained to become the inspirational teachers that Romania so desperately needs. They are supported and developed by Teach for Romania to become leaders and change agents in Romanian education.


Your personal and professional development begins with the Leadership Summer Academy.

Here you will have access to an intensive formal and non-formal learning program based on successfully implemented methods worldwide: “Teaching as leadership” and “Train the Trainers.” The program focuses on developing analytical thinking, a solution-orientated approach to problem solving, creative learning/teaching by way of games, communication techniques, assertive feedback, group coaching and many other elements.

You will learn to be a leader in situations of crisis and how to use your abilities and academic knowledge to develop those around you. To find out more about our development program, click here.

TFR fluture

Because you can be part of an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK

During this process of personal and professional development, you will have the resources of a global network (Teach for All) at your disposal. Teach For All provides access to best practices and methods successfully implemented in 34 countries. You will participate in a constant dialogue with colleagues from other countries who can share their experiences and knowledge with you.


Because you will have our support in your future CAREER choices

During your two year teaching placement, you will have one or more mentors who will help you develop a career vision and objectives for professional development. Also, during summer vacations, you will have access to internship programs and projects with Romania’s most prestigious companies and organizations.

Over the long term, beyond the two years spent in the school, we will support any valuable initiative contributing to educational excellence in Romania through our constant support. You will be integrated in a network of leaders and agents of change: the alumni community Teach For Romania.

Be the change you wish to see in education!