What we offer

Teach for Romania selects and trains a network of very talented and motivated young teachers, with demonstrated initiative and willingness to work with different categories of students, parents, teachers, and community members so as to ensure a high quality education for every child.

Our teachers are involved in extracurricular activities and projects with a positive impact in their communities, thus serving as authentic leaders among students, parents, colleagues and local officials.

Our teachers generate a new dynamic in the communities in which they work. They form an active part of an international community of motivated teachers working to ensure a high quality education for every child. Schools in the Teach for Romania network have access to periodic training programs and conferences meant to share best practices. These schools also receive assistance in diversifying their activities and methods for classroom teaching, learning and evaluation, benefiting from the expertise of key actors in international education.


In its efforts to bring about a positive change in the Romanian education system, Teach for Romania benefits from the support of several organizations and companies, and from the involvement of the Romanian Ministry of Education, based on Partnership Protocol no. 8082 signed on 21 January, 2014.