Alina Andronescu

Significant Moments

Alina manages to overcome the scientist’s paradigm (she is very passionate about the process of thinking) by the joy of didactic activities. When thinking about key moments in her own development as a human being, it becomes impossible not to focus on moments shared with her pupils on the two years she spent as a Teach for Romania teacher. The joy printed on children’s faces, when learning something new, encouraged Alina even more to contribute further on in changing the educational framework in Romania.

Personal Values

Everything that Alina does equals “excellency, determination and continuous desire to discover new things, to learn something new every single day.” 


Lifelong learning is not an easy process, without turning points. Alina manages to stay in the loop by using her super-powers: patience to persevere when things do not come up on a first basis, desire to learn further on, in detail, all this shaped in the context of her skill to build quality relations with those surrounding her.

Recent Lessons

Recently, Alina learned how to drive in a crowded city, having the occasion to rehearse her patience in this domain as well.