Alina Andronescu

Tutor Coordinator
Significant moments

Alina manages to break out of the paradigm of the scientist, passionate about the mechanisms of thought through the joy of teaching. Therefore, if she thinks of the most important moments of her becoming, it is impossible not to stop at the hours she has spent with her pupils for two years, in her position as a Teach for Romania teacher. ‘The light on the face of the children, when they were learning something new’ inspired Alina’s desire to further contribute to the change of the educational system in Romania.

Personal values

Everything Alina does is under the mantra of ‘excellence, determination and a constant desire to always discover new things, to learn something new every day’.

Super powers

However, lifelong learning is not an easy, without its challenges process. Alina succeeds every day using her superpowers: ‘the patience to persevere when things do not turn out as wanted from the first attempt, the desire to know more and more in depth’, all of them nicely embracing her ability to build quality relationships with the people around her.

Alina Andronescu - Tutor Coordinator