Andreea Romeghe

Partnerships & Institutional Relationships Specialist

Andreea graduated with a degree in International Relations and European Studies from the Faculty of Letters and attended a Master in Public Policy and European Integration at SNSPA. As an Erasmus student in the Netherlands, she became more aware that the education system in Romania also needs a potential for change and that, ‘ironically or not’, this also comes through education. Simply put, she discovered ‘what world am I living in’.

She has worked in the public sector in the field of vocational training in culture and in the non-governmental one in the management of educational, cultural and community projects from public and private funds, acquiring communication, planning, organizing and coordination skills. As an educational consultant for studies abroad, she managed application processes for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and worked with universities in Europe.

‘Throughout my professional experience, I have worked with schools, high schools, universities, museums, libraries, mayors, I have worked with children, adolescents, adults and seniors from different backgrounds. Each experience has shown me that there is room for growth where the opportunity is combined with the desire to learn, a sustained effort and involvement in the community’.

The values ​​that guide her are integrity, performance, lifelong learning, empathy, collaboration and authenticity. She strongly believes that life is a journey for (self) knowledge, she enjoys visiting new places and cultures, nature escapes, watch theater shows and movies at the cinema.

‘I chose this experience at Teach for Romania because I strongly resonate with the vision and mission of the organization. The most valuable childhood advice that guided me as a compass is the one I received from my grandmother: ‘Education is the only way you can overcome your condition. I am pleased that here I have the opportunity to carry this principle forward, in the communities where it is most needed, and to contribute to a systemic change for the future generations to come’.

Photo_Andreea Romeghe