Aura Claudia Stan

Chief Program Officer

Although she has always been an award-winning and scholarship student, she believes that this is not necessarily the result of the education system in which she was formed, but rather the result of a constant search for development opportunities, for opportunities to make good things happen all around, to have a meaningful work and of sustained efforts of a modest family which has always dreamed that she would become a ‘successful’ person.

She is a graduate of Letters – English-Spanish, with a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication and she is a lucky person, who discovered volunteering and social responsibility projects before having a paid job. At the age of 20 she was the president of AIESEC Craiova, the largest global organization for young people, responsible for developing a team of 40 students, already working in human resources processes, project management and communication and dreaming about having a social impact.

After another 11 years of professional experiences accumulated in educational projects in the rural area, working with student and youth organizations, training as a professional trainer, an accreditation in coaching from the International Coach Federation and a lot of management practice, education is the field that brings her fulfillment and where her time investment and skills have meaning.

She has joined Teach for Romania since 2014 with the mission to attract and train the most suitable people to become agents of change in the Romanian educational system. For 3 years she has developed recruitment, selection and integration strategies for the program, coordinated the human resources processes for employees, and most recently, her role as Program Director is to provide a relevant experience for the teachers and educators supported by the organization and their development as Alumni for systemic impact and positively influencing the education of the Romanian children.