Costin Corbeanu

Recruitment Coordinator
Significant moments

Costin Corbeanu is the Recruitment Coordinator, but before that he worked in IT, without having a career which made him feel fulfilled. He became the smile of the recruitment department after taking a series of crucial decisions: giving up IT and turning his life towards volunteering, without knowing where this path would take him; these two things were the starting point in a transformational journey which continues. Not very long ago, he participated as a trainer in an AIESEC project in Sankt Petersburg, where he discovered that through education he can positively change the lives of those around him.

“I assumed leading roles in AIESEC Craiova and AIESEC Slovakia, each time planning to create and develop educational programmes. I have bequeathed not only projects that have an impact on thousands of students, but also on people who offered me the chance to get to know them, to face and overtake their limits. I have learned that I can improve the world around me through highly qualitative education and caring for people.”

Personal values

When he thinks about the values which guide him through life, Costin stops at empathy- “I care about others and I wish to help them, as much as I can, so everyone’s life would be better”- he says he likes making people smile and feel better, he often finds himself in the role of the listener and works in order to offer the ones around him the right context in which they can grow and become a better version of themselves.


In fewer words, Costin’s  super-powers  are empathy, critical thinking and analytical skills.

Recent lessons

Presently, he is reading How will you measure your life – therefore he is still discovering himself and what happiness and success in life mean to him.