Costin Corbeanu

Recruiting Manager
Significant moments

Prior to Teach for Romania, Costin worked in the IT field, but without having a career that made him feel truly fulfilled. He became the smiling face of the recruitment department following some crucial decisions: giving up IT and reorienting to volunteering – without knowing where this road will take him – were the starting point of a transformational journey that continues even today. Not long ago, he participated as a trainer in an AIESEC project in St. Petersburg, where he discovered that through education he can make a positive change in the lives of those around him.

‘I have assumed leadership roles in AIESEC Craiova and AIESEC Slovakia, each time with plans to create and develop educational projects. I left behind not only projects that are impacting thousands of students now, but especially people who gave me the chance to get to know them, to challenge their limits and to help them overcome them. I have learned that I can make a better world around me through education and by showing that I care about the people around me’.

Personal values

When he thinks about the values ​​that guide his steps in life, Costin stops at empathy – ‘I care about those around me and I want to help, as much as I can, make everyone’s lives better,’ he says he enjoys making people smile and feel better, he finds himself in the role of listener and works to provide those around him with the right contexts to grow and become a better version of themselves.

Super powers

In other words, Costin’s super powers are empathy, critical thinking and analytical ability.

Recent teachings

He is currently reading How Will You Measure Your Life, so he still learns a lot about himself and what it means to be happy and successful in life.