Fabiola Istudor

Digital Marketing Specialist

‘I am but a small person with a great amount of energy and a funny smile, in love with music, dance, theater, photography and everything else that is art, curious to understand the depths of the human nature and with dreams of traveling in all corners of the world’.

Fabiola is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies, the Faculty of Business Administration with teaching in foreign languages ​​(English) and she’s of opinion that the most valuable lessons from the student years came as a result of the involvement in Volunteers for Ideas and Projects and the Alternative University, two organizations which are very close to her heart.

‘From autonomy in learning, self-knowledge courses, to HR, Marketing, Sales or management roles, the 3 years of study shaped me both as a human and as a professional and gave me access to a strong community of change-makers, as I like to call it. Subsequently, I worked as a HR Generalist in an IT company’.

Although Fabiola was abroad at that time, she chose Teach for Romania and returned back in the country because she felt she could make a difference at home. ‘I resonated with the vision and mission of the organization and I said to myself: – Yes, this is the meaningful job that I have been looking for some time. And here I am’.