Iulia Peilmuș

Chief Executive Officer

Iulia dearly remembers the first job she got when she was 20, that of a substitute teacher. She taught Math at the school in Dobra, Alba County, on the peak of the mountain. This experience shaped her as a person and opened up her eyes about the extremely different life conditions and the social inequity.

30 years later she returns to the education field with a clear vision about what must be done and with a 20+ years of experience in corporations, out of which the last 12 serving senior leadership positions.

‘I worked in design and strategy execution, change of course for the organization and change management. I had the chance to cement my experience in complex projects of cultural transformation and introduction of new operational models. My favorite projects were the ones that not only targeted structural changes, but most of all mindset, the growth of people with the help of which change is made’.

This determined me to open my own company that has as mission the transformation of people and organizations, through the designing and implementation of some systemic leadership interventions.

In parallel, I continued my passion for coaching and mentoring (I have over 1000 hours) and laid the bases for my own coaching school.

‘My favorite mantra is: nothing important can be done alone and I chose it because it helps me to remind myself of the power of the masses when there is a need to make systemic changes. The values ​​that define me are: constant learning, creativity, courage, autonomy, freedom, integrity and trust’.

Among the passions and interests Iulia has, the most important is education. As Iulia states, ‘the evolution of a country begins with the quality of education and free, non-discriminatory access to education, for any child regardless of the environment in which he or she was born and raised’.

‘I strongly believe that in every human being there is an enormous potential, which manifests itself only in the right context. This explains my choice to join Teach, which trains teachers who are leaders and whose mission is to bring to the surface and encourage the manifestation of this potential in every child they interact with’.