Mădălina Ursu

Director of Placement
Significant moments

Many people left their mark on Mădălina, even though sometimes she found herself in frustrating positions. She truly believes that she must find the inner resources that will help her move past frustration and accept the challenge that resolving the problem is. “What really influenced me was the calm and balanced atmosphere of my family. Maybe before Teach for Romania I automatically assumed that this was the norm, that every family was like that – having a calm environment and with children being treated as adults. I had a normal academic trajectory, with people who were passionate about education and, if there were any who should not have been in a teaching position, I really do not remember them. The Edu for All association I founded and developed in Brasov county and the people I met in so doing massively contributed to the person I have become. Then, the Ferentari experience enabled me with a different perspective on the lives of children from disadvantaged communities. Teach for Romania shaped me in the sense that, despite difficulties and rough times, it made me more eager than ever to keep going.”

Personal Values

Mădălina truly appreciates honesty and those who are not afraid to be vulnerable due to honesty. Besides, she loves freedom, creativity (thinking outside the box) and “I really hold on the being effective in our functional relationships, with the available resources and to maintaining our personal balance when trying to give purpose to things we start: closing the loops we already opened.”


“I am a balanced, calm, analytical person, I genuinely care about others and I make them feel comfortable with themselves, feel like they can do more and acknowledge their potential. I am careful with those around me, proactive, very empathetic, I like challenges and new experiences. I always try to surround myself with good, wise people.”

Recent Lessons

Mădă loves psycho-neurology and neuroscience, and the most recent reading on the subject was a study on coaching with compassion. “I enjoy very much discovering the ways in which we turn thought into emotion, state, feeling and, finally, experience, using our own inner resources.”