Mihaela Sandu

Public Sector Partnership Director

Mihaela has been a part of the NGO sector since she was 14. It is the place where she feels  she is growing the most. Her professional path so far consisted of the management of several education related projects, both national and international, and also the coordination of lobby and advocacy processes.

She finished her studies in Communication and Public Relations at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, and also in International Relations and European Studies. She has a Master’s degree in Public Affairs and she graduated a diplomacy program from the international organizations. She strongly believes that working in the NGO sector should be about, as it is in other fields, continuous learning and training. She went through these processes by being a part of different learning programs in project management, lobby and advocacy, social media and accessing funds.

On a personal level, she says that creativity, optimism, spontaneity define her. Getting to know herself, being independent, responsible, led by integrity  and the desire to learn continously are just some of the values that guide her.  She loves horses because for her they are the animals that she resonates the most with as they symbolize power, sensibility, adrenaline, but also a powerful experience of freedom.

Mihaela believes that Teach for Romania is the place where she can truly bring her part in making the educational system a better one. This is because she can have an indirect contribution towards the quality of lives of the children who come from disadvantaged environments, and this is exactly the mission she took on, when she was 14 and entered the NGO sector. She would like all the children in Romania to fulfil their potential through quality education.

Mihaela Sandu (1)