Nicoleta Topoleanu

Tutor Coordinator
Significant Moments

Nicoleta is a tutor within Teach for Romania programme, having the responsibility and joy to guide the teachers in their transformational journey. When thinking about her own path, it becomes crystal clear that it is still in its full development: “I am still discovering myself as a human being as only now I know the meaning of life: helping people to become…through education. I can say that school is the element which helped me develop and define myself. Of course, some of my teachers, who represent true life models were equally important.”

Personal Values

Nicoleta is guided by the values shared by the Teach for Romania community, but she does not stop there. She adds to those personal values such as: freedom, truth, beauty, family.


“I often use my intellectual capacity, which allows me to better comprehend what I do and to do better what I understand. I add to that seriousness, equilibrium, love towards to others.”

Recent Lessons

Lately, Nicoleta spent quality hours in the company of Martin Seligman’s books, from whom she learned about happiness and well-being.