Teach for Romania’s vision is to create life options through quality education for every child in Romania.

Life options – more possibilities, a better life

Every child in Romania should have access to high quality education and associated life options, regardless of region, type of school, or socio-economic status.


Quality education

Quality education will be ensured both through the profile of the teachers entering the classroom, as well as through the methods used in working with students. The candidates selected to become part of the Teach for Romania program are trained to become competent teachers, selected on the basis of highly rigorous criteria, and motivated to bring about positive changes in their students’ performance.

These teachers employ innovative and creative approaches in their classrooms. They guide, motivate, and support their students to become better performing through interactive teaching methods based on critical thinking and constructive feedback. Teachers also play a key role in continually supporting students in their personal and professional development as well as in recognizing student performance and outcomes inside and outside of the classroom.


For every child in Romania

Teach for Romania is a large scale program that seeks a long term transformational impact on the Romanian education system. Once teachers complete their two-year placements in a Teach for Romania partner school, they are expected to use the knowledge and skills they accumulate to enter positions of leadership and influence in the Romanian education system. Teach for Romania will support program alumni working towards achieving quality education for all children in Romania, regardless of their field.